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Letters From Bill

Bill Has Cancer

It is with a very heavy heart that I must announce that Bill has Stage 4 Cancer.  It’s been a rough few months trying to figure out what options we have  but the unfortunate end result is that it is inoperable and untreatable.  We have been taking good care of Bill, but unfortunately his health continues to deteriorate.   He is expected to pass sometime in 2018.




Please Donate

We want to thank everyone who has donated so far, it has helped us take care of Bill and even hire some around the clock care to help him.  We could always use more donations as Bill is currently still not giving any readings, though we hope to be able to give a few more readings before he passes.


Bill is hoping to get back to readings but in the meantime we are asking for donations to help take care of Bill.  If Bill has ever helped you in your life, then we ask that you please donate today, to help support this amazing and wonderful man in his time of struggle.


We accept donations in the following ways:

Credit Card: Simply call or text Richard at 323-654-7714 asking to donate.  Please leave a message if he is unable to answer, text is always preferred.

Check: We can accept checks made out to Bill Burns at: 5947 Carlton way Apt 7, Hollywood ca 90028

Paypal: Simply paypal us at billburnsorg@gmail.com

For an Audio Download of this amazing lecture, please right click  The image below and select 'save as'

A Letter from Bill:

   I want to thank all of you who came to the lecture on Sunday, and all of you who expressed the wish to be there.   Your response has certainly re-motivated me.   I noticed that more of the information I was sharing came from the spirit side.  If time and health permits, I was thinking that for those of you who would enjoy it, I would like to hold an event that is entirely spot readings and messages from the other side.   Your questions can be about you, or anything.   I would love the chance to s hare that with you.   It also didn't take me as many days to recuperate from the lecture as we had anticipated which I find encouraging.   I know you are very appreciative to what you feel I've done for you, and I hope you know how appreciative I am for what you all have contributed to me.


A Letter from Richard:

  Bill and I have talked about the possibility for to try and give readings, spirit channelings, and other services starting in the next few weeks.  We hope to build up to a steady schedule of seeing clients.    If you would like t be added to our waitlist for this please email richard at: billburnsorg@gmail.com

Please include the following:

• Your full name

• Your Phone number

• Your state / city of residence (this will indicate whether you can see him in person or over the phone)

• The service you would like (hour long reading, half hour Q&A, spirit channeling, past life reading, spirit clearing or 'other')


Unfortunately for our clients outside of LA / on the phone, we cannot offer anything more than a half hour Q&A reading.

The lecture will be available in both video and audio forms on the website in the next coming week.