Bill Burns was born to an Irish father and an Italian mother on December 25th, 1940. Like many kids, he was prone to temper tantrums, but would always be calmed down and cheered up when his father returned home from work in the evenings. Among his fondest childhood memories was the annual ritual of chopping down a Christmas tree with the family in the winter. As he entered his teen years, Bill took an interest in religion and spirituality. He started as an altar boy but began going to a spiritual church in upstate New York whenever he had the bus fare to do so. Despite taking part in their séances he would not have what he considered to be his spiritual awakening until he was a bit older. One of his favorite stories to tell from his teen years was stealing his parent's car to travel to New York with a friend to see the empire state building. He recalls falling asleep in the car once they found parking, stumbling out in the morning to ask a cop where the empire state building was, and laughing it off when the officer revealed that it was right behind them.
In his twenties, Bill began to deal with alcoholism. Like everyone in life does, at one point or another, he began to fall on hard times. After finding sobriety, Bill began to experience strange occurrences including strange voices that he could not explain. He found a book on psychics and began reading, relating to all the experiences the author detailed about her own life. He called the psychic, whose number was listed in the back of the book, and asked for advice on what to do. To test him, she instructed him to do a cold reading of her, saying everything that came to his mind about her. He spoke for five minutes, detailing as much as he could about a woman he had never met. In the end, she simply hung up on Bill.
Bill had an assortment of odd jobs. His father refused to pay for college unless Bill went on to be a doctor, so started carving out his own path in life. He was first an encyclopedia salesman, where he thought it funny that the most hostile customers ended up being the most likely to purchase. He went on to manage construction sites, and then for a time worked as the head of an insurance sales company. At some point during all of this, he was also the president of a motorcycle gang and owned a skateboard shop with a good friend.
He had other pursuits on the side, but found great success as a psychic, quickly becoming a weekly guest on 'Live with Regis and Kathie Lee', as well as the Michael Jackson radio show. He traveled across the country and around the world sharing his spiritual insights with people from all walks of life. His unique blend of mediumship and therapy helped countless thousands of people find the paths they were meant to walk in this life and continues to influence thousands more as his classes and seminars continue to be taught.
Bill was ready to give up on the possibility of being psychic until he heard something funny on the radio one day. The psychic from his book was doing an interview, and the host asked her what her weirdest stories with clients were. She began to detail the conversation with Bill, how she assumed he was just another random guy who thinks they are psychic and how she told him to try to psychically describe her life. She was so shocked by how accurate everything he said was that she hung up on him. It was then that Bill found the confidence to pursue becoming a psychic.
Bill married rather young and divorced not too long after. He went on to adopt two amazing boys who grew to be two amazing men. He spent his later years traveling the country, helping people with his psychic abilities, enjoying sports games, and continuing to do at least 400 push ups a day until the year before his passing. In November of 2017, Bill was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer after an escalation of health issues that began to arise just a few months earlier. He spent the remainder of that year in the hospital getting life-extending treatments before being sent home in early 2018. He spent the last six months of his life in his beautiful home, visited daily by friends, family, and clients who had all had their lives immeasurably changed by Bill. One of the last thoughts he shared was that he was overwhelmed by just how many people loved and supported him, before passing away on May 17th, of 2018.