In the United States we live in a dream world of “control-ability”, “if you can’t touch or see it, it doesn’t exist”, if I don’t understand it - medicate it.  If I am afraid of it, don’t understand it, the church doesn’t agree with it... it doesn’t exist!





Last but by no means least, is my work with young people who have experiences of the paranormal and have difficulty dealing with them. I love working with them and their parents to help both cope, remove destructive or disturbing spirits and help the child develop their abilities safely and with confidence. Often grades can suffer, the child starts to isolate, drugs can become involved, hyperactivity can manifest and these things, if spirit related, can be quickly handled. Checking this aspect can quickly eliminate that question and frequently avoid more drastic traditional approaches that often don’t work on spirit caused issues. And if your child is using a traditional approach that doesn’t work, lets have a chat and see if we can solve the problem.



Paranormal Youth:


House Releases




Powers of the Paranormal


Channeling is a way to communicate with someone who has died. As a medium I am able to contact that person and either relay messages from them to you, or bring them through to talk with you directly. This is a powerful experience for the individual who is seeking reassurance or closure. Sometimes when someone passes on, there is unfinished business that leaves worry, guilt, upset or a sense of things yet to be done. Channeling is a way to complete the experience with the deceased and to bring closure to the living.





How do you know if your house is "haunted"?


House Clearing is required when spirits attach themselves to a dwelling, piece of land or area and refuse to allow others to live in the house or area in harmony. This disruption can range from unease and unhappiness in the location to downright interference and physical events such as attacks on people, visions, moving of objects and the disruption of life processes in the home or location. If someone wishes to sell the house or land, that can be completely blocked by the possessing spirit. I have seen houses sell within weeks of a clearing when they were unsalable for months even in a good Real Estate market.






Spirits interfering with your life?


Spirit Release is needed when a spirit gets involved too closely in the life of the living. This can come about through the spirits obsession with the person, attachment to an experience or resentment that can only be held onto by the spirit by holding on to the living and thus interfering with that person’s life. The symptoms can range from things that continually don’t go as they should, to active interference in one’s thinking, feelings or reactions. The only way to fix that situation is to have that spirit released. I help the spirit to grow and overcome its issues and only as a last resort just get rid of it. Because of my energy and experience these releases are usually quiet and non disruptive, though the results can be amazing and often dazzling.